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September 2019 - The Battery Show
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June 2019 - Western Michigan University Solar Car
Nate, Byron and Kevin lent a hand to the Western Michigan University Solar Car Team and helped repair their car.
June 2019 - Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
June 21-23, 2019 – Members of IMW and Seven were at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 30th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin
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April 2019 - Northwood Middle School
Seven had to drive through the school to the gymnasium where the presentation for middle school students was held.
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August 2017 - Car Shows
Seven crashed two car shows in one day: Knights Action Park and the Whites, Blacks and Blues car show.


June 2016 - Energy Fair
06.17.16-06.18.16 – Seven was on display at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 27th Annual Energy Fair (Custer, WI). For more information on the event, visit
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June 2016 - Seven at Skyview Drive In
Seven's annual trip to the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In. This night was a showing of Grease.
March 2016 Smart Electric Drive


December 2015 - Wheego Batteries
Kevin, Nick, Nate and Kyle removed the 2013 Wheego's battery pack, then inspected and balanced it.
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October 2015 - EVCCON
EVCCON 2015 (Cape Girardeau, MO).
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September 2015 - St. Louis Planetarium - National Drive Electric Week
IMW 7 appeared at the St. Louis Planetarium for their National Drive Electric Week event.
July 2015 - Winchester IL Car Show
Seven won the Kids Choice trophy at the Winchester Community Picnic and Car Show. Downtown Winchester, IL
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April 2015 - EMITT School
04.18.15 – Seven was on display from 11am – 2pm at the EMITT Academy community event at Jefferson High School (4145 Samuelson Road, Rockford, IL 61109). The kids also had a zombie event, so we ended up giving a bunch of zombies car rides.
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