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  • Plans, plans and more plans

    We’re always planning something. The plan seldom works but generally something good will come out of it. Our current plans include:

    • A paint job for Seven (editor’s note: still waffling over the color)
    • Converting a converted van
    • Expanding into and the future of EVs and how hacking will be a part of it.


    Paint color has been a question now for a couple years: when are we going to paint it? What color are we going to use and why? This summer I took a few minutes and a laser pyrometer out to the parking lot where I work and started measuring car hood temperatures. I always took Seven’s reading first to use as a baseline, only used a max temperature read on the hoods, and all cars measured had to be facing generally the same direction.

    What I found is that the colors I like get hot in …


  • What’s New

    09.29.15 -10.04.15 – Upcoming Event: EVCCON has been canceled but we’ll still be in Cape Girardeau Missouri to participate in an EV hackathon.


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