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  • 2014 Green Grand Prix

    At the end of February, Bob Gillespie invited us to participate in the Toyota Green Grand Prix, which is held every year in Watkins Glen, NY. Initially, Kevin was reluctant to go. It’s 800 miles from home, which is a long (and expensive) road trip when you’re hauling a heavy car on a trailer behind your truck.

    I’m not interested in racing as a spectator sport and I had no interest in racing until participating in the Automotive X Prize. Being on the track at Michigan International Speedway changed something in me, and I wasn’t aware of it until Bob offered us a chance to get back on a track. All drivers needed a navigator, and I called shotgun. Nick agreed to go, too, so team IMW registered for the event even though Seven was in the midst of some upgrades and was overdue for ordinary maintenance.

    Kevin worked …


  • What’s New

    04.13.14 – New blog post and new photos from the Green Grand Prix.

    04.11.14 – Toyota Green Grand Prix: Seven was awarded 1st in Class and Highest Fuel Economy (tied with the Urba Centurion) at the 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix.

    03.25.14 – New video: Discover Channel Canada’s “Daily Planet” show profiled IMW. Check out the video.


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