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  • Building a battery warmer for a Wheego LiFe

    We added a 2013 Wheego LiFe to our fleet. It didn’t come with a cold weather package and I was worried about charging the battery pack when the temperature was below freezing. Here is the DIY solution we created to protect the battery in winter.

    Take one panel of Owens Corning closed sell rigid insulation foam board and cut it to the size of the bottom of the car’s battery box. Dig out any channels necessary for it to fit tight against the box, as well as a channel for an electric cord. Place an electric under-floor radiant heating mat in the center of the foam. Fiberglass the mat to the side with the channels. Fiberglass the opposite side as well (for strength). Add metal hooks to attach the heater to the underneath of the car. A brief video introduction of the project can be found on our Facebook page.…


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    07.18.15 – Seven won the Kids Choice trophy at the Winchester Community Picnic and Car Show. Downtown Winchester, IL


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    • #TBT when 7 was a brilliant, shiny silver right after Jen painted it. 6/2010 2 days ago
    • Nick and Kevin are busy in the shop. Added a cooling fan to the radiator, fixed droopy side mirrors & now installing a proper hood release. 6 days ago
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    • To put things in perspective, when the Auto XPRIZE happened, NO car manufacturer could meet the competition’s goals. Tesla was in infancy. 7 days ago

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