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September 2019 - The Battery Show
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June 2019 - Western Michigan University Solar Car
Nate, Byron and Kevin lent a hand to the Western Michigan University Solar Car Team and helped repair their car.
June 2019 - Midwest Renewable Energy Fair
June 21-23, 2019 – Members of IMW and Seven were at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 30th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin
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April 2019 - Northwood Middle School
Seven had to drive through the school to the gymnasium where the presentation for middle school students was held.
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August 2017 - Car Shows
Seven crashed two car shows in one day: Knights Action Park and the Whites, Blacks and Blues car show.


June 2016 - Energy Fair
06.17.16-06.18.16 – Seven was on display at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 27th Annual Energy Fair (Custer, WI). For more information on the event, visit
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June 2016 - Seven at Skyview Drive In
Seven's annual trip to the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In. This night was a showing of Grease.
March 2016 Smart Electric Drive


December 2015 - Wheego Batteries
Kevin, Nick, Nate and Kyle removed the 2013 Wheego's battery pack, then inspected and balanced it.
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October 2015 - EVCCON
EVCCON 2015 (Cape Girardeau, MO).
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September 2015 - St. Louis Planetarium - National Drive Electric Week
IMW 7 appeared at the St. Louis Planetarium for their National Drive Electric Week event.
July 2015 - Winchester IL Car Show
Seven won the Kids Choice trophy at the Winchester Community Picnic and Car Show. Downtown Winchester, IL
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April 2015 - EMITT School
04.18.15 – Seven was on display from 11am – 2pm at the EMITT Academy community event at Jefferson High School (4145 Samuelson Road, Rockford, IL 61109). The kids also had a zombie event, so we ended up giving a bunch of zombies car rides.
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2007-2014 archive:

August 2014 - EVCCON

Once again Seven participated at EVCCON in Cape Girardeau, MO. For more information, go to

August 2014 - Atlanta, IL

There was a very small turn out for the EV cruise-in, but we were happy to have an excuse to hang out in Atlanta, IL

July 2014 - Craig Vetter’s Fuel Economy Challenge

We brought Seven to Ohio to compete in Craig Vetter's Fuel Economy Challenge. The event isn\'t really for cars, but we thought it would be fun. For more information on the event go to

June 2014 - MREA Energy Fair

We were invited to display 7 at the Energy Fair in Custer, WI. It was a busy two days of educational outreach about the potential of EVs and how important it is to build the future in which you wish to live.

April 2014 - Green Grand Prix

We competed in the 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International (NY). Here are photos of some (but not all) of the competitors.

March 2014 - Discovery Canada shoot

Discovery Canada came out to film for an upcoming segment about IMW 7. 5 of 7 team members were there. (Nate was unable to attend and Jen refused to be filmed.)

September 2013 - Route 66 Car Show

Seven attended the 12th Annual International Route 66 Mother Road Festival and one 1st place in her class

August 2013 - EVCCON

Nate, Kevin and Seven attended the 3rd annual EVCCON in Cape Girardeau, MO. Seven took 3rd place in the EVCCON 1/8 mile drag race. Most importantly, Seven didn\'t break.

August 2013

Seven\'s photo shoot below Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative\'s wind turbine and electric lines.

July 2013 - Adler Planetarium Future Tech Night

We were honored to be invited to display Seven at the Adler Planetarium Future Tech Night.

May 2013

The last round of body work before Seven is painted.

April 2013

The major body panels are attached to the car.

January - March 2013

Recap of work done in early 2013.

November - December 2012

The final round of making molds from Seven.

September - October 2012

Reg returned again to help us make the doors and hood out of carbon fiber and kevlar.

August 2012

Molds are created from Seven\'s front doors and hood.

June 2012

More work creating molds from Seven\'s re-sculpted body.

May 2012

Work continues to replace Seven\'s old foam and fiberglass body with molded carbon fiber panels.

April 2012

We hired composite specialist Reg Schmeiss to help us pull molds off of Seven and create carbon fiber body panels.

January - February 2012

This winter we have been creating collapsible build tables and further shaping and sculpting Seven\'s body. A lot of time is being put into making sure Seven is as symmetrical as possible.

December 2011

Continuing body modification and creating collapsible build tables.

November 2011

Seven will be undergoing some modification to the body during Winter 2011.

September 2011 - EVCCON

IMW Seven, Nate, and Kevin attended the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention in Cape Girardeau, MO on Sept 21-25. Here are photos of the EVs at this convention.

August 2011 - Bloomington, IL Car Show

We were invited to participate in the 15th Annual McLean County Antique Car Show in Bloomington, IL. They had a special EV section that included 7, a 1976 CitiCar and the new MiEV.

July 2011 - Drive for Innovation

Brian Fuller brought his Drive for Innovation to Divernon, IL on July 18, 2011. He stopped at the IMW workshop for a visit and charged his Chevy Volt. Both the Volt and Seven taken on given test rides.

July 2011 - Divernon, IL Homecoming

Right after getting 7 ready to go back on the road, IMW stopped in town for a lunch break at the Divernon Homecoming carnival. The parade organizers invited us to come back and be in the parade that evening. At the very last moment, we decided, \"why not?\"

June 2011

May 2011

The night before Seven was driven down to visit Jack Rickard in Missouri, Kevin installed window vents. They made a big difference to the comfort level in the car and seemed to have little effect on overall efficiency.

May 2011 - Rockford Speedway

Rockford-Beloit Area Society of Automotive Engineers rented the Rockford Speedway for IMW to show off Seven. Photos by Nate Knappenburger.

February - March 2011

Continuing modifications to Seven before it is displayed at the IATM charity pancake breakfast and then leaves for the Chrysler Proving Grounds for more testing.

January - February 2011

Continuing modifications to Seven. The center battery box has been widened and the rear battery boxes removed. Please welcome volunteer Matt Yochim to the IMW shop.

October 2010

IMW was invited to display Seven at the Ridgely Elementary School Fall Festival. Children and adults learned about EVs and the amazing abilities of determined, everyday people.

September 2010 - PIAXP Award Ceremony, DC

We were honored to be invited to display Seven with West Philly High School and the Automotive X PRIZE finalists on the grounds of the National Historical Society in Washington, D.C. Kevin, Nick, Thomas, George and Jen represented the team (Nate and Josh could not attend) as we celebrated the three winners of the competition: Li-ion Motors, X-Tracer, and Edison2.

August 2010

Seven and IMW at the Litchfield Sky View Drive In theater and other random photos.

July 2010 - Finals

PIAXP Finals: Press and VIP Industry Leader day (7/26/10-7/27/10) We have returned from MIS victorious: friendships were renewed, people were educated about the true MPGe and range capable by EVs, and industry-leading VIPs squealed like little girls when driven in Seven.

June 2010 - Knockout

PIAXP Knockout round at the Michigan International Speedway.

June 2010

Knockout Crunch Time and RECC Annual Meeting (6/1/10-6/12/10)

May 2010

Post Shakedown improvements (5/1/10-5/30/10)

April 2010 - Shakedown

Shakedown at Michigan International Speedway (4/27/10-4/30/10)

April 2010

Crunch time just before Shakedown.

March 2010

The doors are cut out and a new trailer is purchased.

February 2010

A body is created around Seven's steel frame.

January 2010

December 2009

November 2009

October 2009

February 2009

October 2008

Additional framework including the beginning of a hinged hood are added to Seven.

Maker Faire 2008

IMW and Hyundai teamed up to present eco-modding at the Austin, TX Maker Faire, Oct. 18-19, 2008

September 2008

Additional framework and doors are added to Seven.

August 2008

Additional framework

June 2008

A redecorated workshop and a rolling chassis.

May 2008

The team begins building Seven from scratch.

February 2008

Photo shoot for March 2008 Illinois Country Living Magazine article.

November - December 2007

Construction begins to transform the outbuilding into a workshop big enough for IMW.

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