Upcoming Events

09.10-11.19 – 7 was on display and Kevin Smith gave give a presentation at the 2019 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo (“The Battery Show“) in Novi, MI

06.21-23.19 – Members of IMW and Seven were at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 30th Annual Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin. For more information on the event, visit

09.02.18 – Kevin Smith gave a presentation at the 2018 Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, 09.13.18 in Novi, MI

10.13.16 – We’re honored to be a stop on the PBS Illinois Stories bus trip!

06.17.16-06.18.16 – Seven was on display at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s 27th Annual Energy Fair. For more information on the event, visit

10.03.16 – Seven won the EVCCON 2015 Technical Innovation award.

09.20.15 – IMW 7 appeared at the St. Louis Planetarium for their National Drive Electric Week event.

07.18.15 – Seven won the Kids Choice trophy at the Winchester Community Picnic and Car Show. Downtown Winchester, IL

04.18.15 – Seven was on display from 11am – 2pm at the EMITT Academy community event at Jefferson High School (4145 Samuelson Road, Rockford, IL 61109).

01.07.15 – Former fellow XPRIZE competitor, Spira, has loaned us an EV prototype to test drive.

12.01.14 – Kevin was a guest on the Bishop On Air radio show (WMAY 970 AM) to discuss EV charging stations along Route 66. Archived here.

08.11.14 – New Video: Translogic 156: Illuminati Motor Works Seven.

08.11.14 – New Photos: IMW 7 in Atlanta, IL

08.15.14 – 08.17.14 – Upcoming Event: IMW 7 will be at EVCCON.

07.11.14 – Event: IMW 7 participated in Craig Vetter’s Fuel Economy Challenge in Mansfield, Ohio. For more information:

06.27.14 – New Photos: Seven at the MREA Energy Fair.

06.26.14 – We’re now required reading. The University of Virginia has selected Jason Fagone’s book, Ingenious, to be this year’s Common Reading Experience title. Incoming School of Engineering and Applied Science freshmen will be reading and discussing this book about the Automotive X PRIZE.

06.20.14 – Midwest Renewable Energy Association Energy Fair: IMW Seven was on display June 20-21, 2014 at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s Energy Fair.

05.30.14 – New news article:There’s only one Seven: The world’s most efficient car was built in a barn.

04.11.14 – Toyota Green Grand Prix: Seven was awarded 1st in Class and Highest Fuel Economy (tied with the Urba Centurion) at the 2014 Toyota Green Grand Prix.

03.25.14 – New video: Discover Channel Canada’s “Daily Planet” show profiled IMW. Check out the video.

03.10.14 – Upcoming event: IMW will be competing in the Green Grand Prix on April 11, 2014 at Watkins Glen International race track in Watkins Glen, NY. For more information on the event, visit

03.08.14 – We welcome Discovery Canada to our workshop.

02.23.14 – A Toyota Prius power steering unit has been added to Seven.

01.28.13 – New articles about IMW 7 have appeared on Gizmodo, including a Q&A with Kevin Smith and Jason Fagone.

12.23.13 – New videos and articles have been added to the site.

12.17.13 – Book Tour over: Seven, Kevin, Nick and George have returned home from their East Coast book tour with author Jason Fagone. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and the book!

12.13.13 – Jalopnik hits crash the site:  Andrew Collins posted photos of Seven on the road in Brooklyn, NY and the resulting traffic from his “What The Hell Is This?” post temporarily crashed the site. Thank you, Jalopnik, for the 7400+ visitors spanning the entire globe (including Antarctica)!

11.04.13 – Radio Interview: IMW and author Jason Fagone were interviewed on WMAY 970 AM. Listen to interview here.

10.27.13 – Book Tour:  Seven will be joining author Jason Fagone on his east coast book tour in support of “Ingenious” this December 8-16. For tour dates and locations see

09.29.13 – Award: Seven won first place in the “other” class at the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in downtown Springfield, IL.

08.11.13 – Video: EV 1/8 Mile drag races at EVCCON 2013.

08.11.13 – Award: Seven took 3rd place at EVCCON’s 1/8 mile race and set a new NEDRA record at Dyno Dom’s 1/8 mile track.

08.6.13 – 08.11.13 – Upcoming Event: Seven will be attending the 3rd Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – EVCCON Aug 6-11, Cape Girardeau MO. More details on the event here:

07.28.13 – Photos: Seven in Chicago, Adler After Dark event.

07.18.13 – Adler After Dark: Future Tech
Seven’s first big appearance is scheduled for July 18 at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Their Adler After Dark series will be focusing on “Future Tech” that night, starting at 6:30.

“The future is now at Adler After Dark! Join us as we explore how our predecessors envisioned a fantastical future, and check out current world-changing technologies and ideas at our “Future Tech” marketplace. Exhibitors will be here demonstrating next-gen technology like 3D printing, green skyscrapers, and more. And don’t forget to grab a George Jetson cocktail and check out our “Inventing the Future” TED-style panel discussions where industry leaders will be discussing topics ranging from battery-powered vehicles to visualizing our amazing universe.”

For more info on the event, go to:

07.11.13 – Seven is back on the road!

05.27.13 – Merch! We’ve added a merch page to our website. Be sure to go there and check out the gear as well as the upcoming book by Jason Fagone.

04.21.13 – New photos: April 2013 progress on Seven

04.06.13 – New Video: Installing Carbon Fiber Panels on Seven

03.17.13 – New Blog: Learning Curves.

03.17.13 – New Photos: Recap of work done in early 2013.

03.10.13 – Both new fenders are out of the molds. Seven’s body will be assembled at the end of the month.

07.07.12 – IMW was on Channel 20’s Illinois Central. Watch it here.

07.01.12 – New Blog: Our shopping list for re-sculpting, making molds and carbon-fiber panels

06.10.12- New Blog: New Body Underway.

05.27.12 – New Videos: How to Make a Carbon Fiber Panel, Creating Carbon Fiber Body Panels for Seven – Part 1, and Creating Carbon Fiber Body Panels for Seven – Part 2

05.22.12 – New Photos: Continued work on Seven.

04.14.12 – New Blog: Slowly Getting There.

04.22.12 – We hired composite specialist Reg Schmeiss of Motorvation, Inc. to help us pull molds off of Seven and create carbon fiber body panels. Work continues through May 2012. Photos can be seen here.

01.26.12 – Members of IMW were at the Bloomington, IL premiere of Revenge of the Electric Car at An Evening of EVs. (Seven did not attend – she’s busy getting a makeover.) More details at:

09.21.11 – 09.26.11 – Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention, Cape Girardeu, MO. Seven was one of many electric vehicles in attendance at Jack Rickard’s EVCCON. For more information about the event, please go here:

08.19.11 – Parade: Seven was in the Elburn Days Parade on Friday, Aug. 19 at 6pm. Elburn, IL is Nick Smith’s boyhood hometown. For more information about Elburn Days, go here.

08.06.11 – Seven was at the McLean County Antique Car Club – 15th Annual Show Aug. 6, 2011 at the State Historic site of the David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL, 1000 E. Monroe.

07.18.11 – New Photos: Divernon Homecoming parade.

07.18.11 – The Drive for Innovation visited IMW’s workshop Mon, Jul. 18. For more DFI info, go here:

05.30.11 – Kevin Smith’s proposal to convert a 1978 AMC Gremlin from a 15 MPG gas guzzler to a 100 MPGe EV has been selected as one of 10 finalists out of over 900 entries in the EVTV Build Your Dream EV contest. Please Vote For IMW!

05.28.11 – IMW members drove Seven over 200 miles to visit Jack Ricard and EVTV. Then they charged and returned home with 8% left in the pack.

05.16.11 – We have a new 0-60 MPH time: 6.2 seconds.

04.12.11- New blog: 207.5 MPGe – Seven achieved an EPA mileage rating of 207.5 MPGe, surpassing the winning cars in all classes of the Progressive Automotive XPrize.

03.28.11- New blog: In media res.

03.22.11 – 7 was in Michigan, undergoing EPA mileage testing at the Chrysler Proving Grounds.

03.14.11 – New Photos: 7 new photos of cosmetic changes to Seven have been added to the Feb-Mar 2011 photo album.

03.20.11 – Seven was display at charity event. The Springfield-based Italian American War Veterans (ITAM) Versace Post 9 hosted IMW Seven at its 9th Annual “All-U-Can-Eat” Pancake & Italian Sausage Breakfast on Mar 20 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Post 364, 2200 S. Meadowbrook Rd.

02.27.11 – New Video: Cold Weather EV Performance Testing. (A to-do list for the winter.)

02.19.11 – New article:10 Questions For Illuminati’s Kevin Smith.” Edmunds Auto Obvserver.

02.06.11 – New Photos: Check out the latest progress with 7 as the team + volunteer Matt Yochim work to get more batteries into the car.

01.19.11 – New blog: The new year brings changes

11.09.10. New article:Local man part of electric car team.” Jacksonville Journal-Courier.

10.30.10 – We have achieved a new 0-60 MPH time of 8.4 seconds with 3 adults in the car.

10.28.10 – Electric Car Tows Rocket Trike, Making History. Due to the high winds he encountered, Tom Weis and his Rocket Trike needed help getting from Springfield, IL to Champaign Urbana on his Ride for Renewables. Both the Rocket Trike and Seven were due to appear at the U of I Sustainability Fair, so Illuminati Motor Works drove 7 towing a trailer with the Rocket Trike attached. For the record: 3 adults in one big Ev, with one small trailer towing one Rocket Trike over 100 miles attained an AMAZING 138.2 MPGe.

10.06.10 – Thanks to our new sponsors: Victron Energy and a special memorial sponsorship in the name of Lyle ‘Pete’ Burgett.

09.16.10 – Awards Ceremony Members of IMW attended the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Celebration and Awards Ceremony in Washington DC

08.03.10 – Illuminati Motor Works and “Seven” was part of the Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade on Thursday, August 12, in Springfield, IL

07.28.10 – We have returned from MIS victorious: friendships were renewed, people were educated about the true MPGe and range capable by EVs, and industry-leading VIPs squealed like little girls when driven in Seven.

07.23.10 – IMW has accepted PIAXP’s invitation to return to MIS to display Seven on July 26-27.

07.22.10 – Due to popular demand, we now have T-shirts available for purchase.

07.19.10 – New blog post: IMW Regretfully Declines the Zero-Emission Race Invitation

07.14.10 – Public Q&A – Members of IMW will join TW4XP at the Illinois EV Club 7/14/10, 6pm, University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright St., Champaign IL. Seven probably won’t be attending, but TW4XP’s car will be there. If you’re in the area, this is free and open to the public!

06.28.10 – We have been knocked out. Seven passed all of the efficiency tests (182.26 MPGe on range test!!) but the clutch malfunctioned during the Consumer Reports 0-60 test at MIS. We are coming home. Thank you for your support.

06.25.10 – We’re still in Knockout. Seven has so far passed all tests. One more week of testing to go. Thanks for your support!

06.18.10 – We passed Shakedown II and are advancing to Knockout. Seven will be on the track Monday morning for Urban Efficiency Testing. You can follow the live footage here.

06.16.10 – Three members of the team are at PIAXP “Shakedown II” this week. Wish them luck!

06.09.10 – Seven will be on display Thursday, June 10, at the Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative’s annual meeting at Glenwood High School in Chatham, IL from 5pm til about 7pm.

05.02.10 – We passed Shakedown and will be attending this summer’s Knockout round at the Michigan International Speedway!

04.26.10 – Seven and some of the members of IMW are at the Progressive Automotive X Prize Shakedown event at Michigan International Speedway.

04.02.10 – We passed the latest elimination round (Third Technical Deliverable) and will be attending this spring’s Shakedown event at the Michigan International Speedway.

02.21.10 – We passed! PIAXP has notified us that our Second Technical Deliverable was accepted. Third Technical Deliverable is due 03.30.10.

02.17.10 – It’s official: Seven will be number 77 in the competition.

01.27.10 – We were the first team to submit the Second Technical Deliverable report.

01.09.10 – We passed! PIAXP has notified us that our First Technical Deliverable was accepted. We’ve officially passed that hurdle. Second Technical Deliverable is due 01.30.10.

12.23.09 – We have a new sponsor: Parkway Motors.

12.15.09 – We met the deadline and are now focused on the next technical deliverables deadline. Thanks, everyone, for their support!

12.01.09 – We have a new sponsor: Springfield Electric Supply Company.

11.19.09 – “X PRIZE Team Passes the Test. Illuminati Motor Works is one of 43 left in international competition.” Illinois Times.

11.19.09 – New videos page added to the site.

11.17.09 – New videos are up on YouTube. Check them out at:, and

11.03.09 – Members of Team IMW attended the PIAXP Team Summit and SEMA in Las Vegas.

10.21.09 – “PIAXP Mainstream Contenders Video

10.20.09 – “Central Illinois team Illuminati Motor Works survives Moves onto next round of Progressive Automotive X PRIZE”, New article at Iggy Uncensored.

10.19.09 – Team IMW passed the PIAXP “Design Judging” round!

08-29-09 – We’ll be on the Metro Variety Show on Springfield, IL Comcast Channel 4, Sun. Sept. 30th, 7am, 1pm, 7pm. First of a two part episode.

08.18.09 – “Automotive X PRIZE competitor Illuminati Motor Works Q & A”, a new article at Iggy Uncensored.

07.11.09 – IMW on Springfield, IL’s WMAY 970 AM Bishop on Air Saturday Session show.

06.28.09 – IMW on WICS News. For our Central IL fans, we will be featured on WICS News Channel 20 this evening (6/28) at 5:30 and 10pm, and possibly on Sunrise News at 5am tomorrow morning (6/29).

06.07.09 – Seven has a design change.

06.01.09 – Electric Vehicle Components LLC became a co-sponsor of Team IMW.

04.08.09 – Illuminati Motor Works are now listed as an official team registered in the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition.

04.08.09 – Facebook Change. We’re currently moving from the Facebook group “The Enlightened: Fans of Illuminati Motor Works” to a new Facebook business “page” people can become “fans” of. If you’re already part of the Enlightened, please mosey on over and become a fan.

02.25.09 – Team IMW will appear at Lake Land College’s Alternative Energy Conference on February 25 from 2-2:45 pm. Lake Land College will host the second annual Energy Innovation Conference on Feb. 25-27 on its campus in Mattoon, Ill. The Honorable Chuck Hartke, former Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, will kick off the conference with the keynote address at 1 p.m Wednesday. Additional highlights include a legislative panel at 4 p.m. Thursday. Everyone is invited to attend and ask state legislators questions about current or future legislative bills concerning energy.

Attendees can choose presentations from an agricultural/residential or an academic tract. Select workshops will be open to the public. Vendors will be available to share their expertise on energy savings initiatives and products. More information about the conference is available online at or call 217-234-5215.

12.18.08 – “Hyundai asks car crew to increase fuel efficiency fast: X Prize team takes time out for ‘eco-friendly project,’ Springfield, IL. Illinois Times.

12.13.08 – “Car-building group to be on TV after teaming up with Hyundai,” Springfield, IL. State Journal-Register.

12.12.08 – Team IMW was in the 3 part “Brink” episode about Maker Faire that aired Dec. 12. Brink, Discovery Science Channel, 12/12/08 See video clip here (select “Brink News: Maker Faire”) or YouTube version.

12.12.08 – Team IMW will be featured somewhere in the 3 part “Brink” episode about Maker Faire that will air beginning Dec. 12. Brink, Discovery Science Channel, 12/12/08 (see local listings for time).

11.05.08 – IMW Maker Faire photos on Flickr. Fdrizo posted photos of IMW’s Eco-modding booth at the Austin Maker Faire.

10.20.08 – Team IMW returned home triumphant. They won awards at Maker Faire (“Editor’s Choice” and “Congeniality”) and educated crowds about fuel-economy and eco-modding.

10.21.08 – Geek Squad interview with IMW at Maker Faire is now available on YouTube.

10.18.08 – More Videos! Josh has uploaded parts 5-9 of the IMW pre-Maker Faire web blogs. You can check out all of the IMW videos on YouTube.

10.14.08 – “Mr. Jalopy Interviews Illuminati Motor Works.” (MP3) Mr. Jalopy highlights projects that you can find at Maker Faire in Austin, TX on 10/18-19, 2008.

10.12.08 – Video presentation of “Seven” Part One. Kevin and camera man Josh show the progress and explain the gull-wing doors.

10.3.08 – IMW is working in conjuncture with Hyundai Motors to present eco-modding at the 2008 Maker Faire in Austin, TX. “Hyundai Eco-Modding Workshop”: The Illuminati Motor Works Team – an official Automotive X-Prize Contender competing for the “1 Gallon of Gas, 100 Miles – $10 Million: The Race to Build the Supergreen Car.” The IMW Team will be at Maker Faire conducting daily eco-modding workshops and talking to Mr. Jalopy about their project and software hacking. Warranties will be voided as they focus on how to get better mileage and improve performance on the Hyundai Sonata. They will be on the Maker Stage on Saturday and Sunday (10/18-19) to talk about what they are learning and field questions from the audience.

9.29.08 – “The Race for the Car of the Future,” Tegenlicht, VPRO, Netherlands, aired September 29, 2008 and will repeat October 14, 2008. Click here for English translation of web page. Click here for the video.

6.26.08 – Springfield, IL Comcast channel 4 will be airing an interview with IMW on the “Metro Variety Show,” Sunday, June 29 at 7am, 1pm and 7pm.

6.18.08 – PBS “Illinois Stories” featuring Team IMW will air on Springfield, IL’s local PBS station Thursday, June 19th at 7pm. It will replay on Sunday June 22nd at 4pm and Monday June 23 at 6:30 pm. Click here for the video.

6.2.08 – PBS “Illinois Stories” will be filming Team IMW for an upcoming episode.

6.4.08 – IMW will be interviewed on Springfield, IL’s WMAY 970 AM radio station (around 10am?)

5.8.08 – VPRO Television film shoot of Team IMW for their “Tegenlicht” program has been rescheduled for May 24-25.

4.30.08 – VPRO Television interview moved to later in May. The team has also been contacted by a reporter from Gruner+Jahr (German publishing house) for a future interview.

4.22.08 – Tentative date set up for Dutch TV to interview IMW Saturday, May 3rd. We’re really excited and appreciative of all the positive press and support we’re receiving; makes all the late nights and long hours worth it.

4.17.08 – The team has been contacted by VPRO Television, a Dutch company filming a news documentary on alternative fuels, and by WealthTV, the California company responsible for the Wealth on Wheels television series.

3.27.08 –Team IMW is featured in the Illinois Times “Eyes On the Prize: Five local guys are designing and building the car of the future in a field near you.

3.26.08 – Kevin Smith was interviewed on RFD Today radio show.

3.26.08 – Chicago-based Uji Films has decided to focus on IMW in their new documentary.

3.20.08 – Unfortunately, we will not be attending the New York auto show. We are on a tight budget; both money and time are short. We are instead focusing our limited resources on our vehicle.

3.19.08 – Kevin Smith will be on an upcoming edition of the RFD Today radio show. Stay tuned for details.

3.17.08 – Team IMW appears in “Want a 100 MPG Car? Local Team Working To Win $10 Million By Designing One.” Springfield, IL State Journal-Register and several other newspapers.

3.15.08 – Photo shoots of the team scheduled for an upcoming articles in Illinois Times and State Journal-Register.

3.12.08 – Kevin Smith of IMW interviewed by nationally syndicated radio show: Info Trak for an upcoming show.

3.1.08 – IWM appears in March issue of Illinois Country Living magazine. “Building the 100+ MPG Car: Electric co-op member works to shape the future of the automobile industry.

2.19.08 – IMW is in the 2/12/08 issue of Lifeweek. If you can read Chinese, the article is here: “The environmental protection automobile technology crazily with innovates for X time“. (Bad Babelfish translation)

2.11.08 – IMW interviewed by Illinois Times for upcoming issue.

2.4.08 – IMW might be in this issue of Sanlain Lifeweek. Check our blog for wacky BabelFish translation.

1.26.08 – Kevin Smith of IMW was a guest on The Fly Over Zone radio show.

1.20.08 – Kevin Smith was interviewed by a reporter covering the team for an upcoming article in Sanlian Lifeweek (a newsjournal in mainland China).

1.6.08 – We’ve added a blog (of sorts) because visitors requested it, and we realized it would be nice to have a place to post our ideas from time to time.

12.30.07 – Photo shoot and interview for March 2008 issue of Illinois Country Living magazine.

12.28.07 – Illinois Country Living magazine has expressed interest in IMW for an upcoming issue. Additional details soon.

12.21.07 – article available here:

11.07.07 – Illuminati Motor Works attends Green Build in Chicago, IL.

11.03.07 – Illuminati Motor Works will be featured in the upcoming January 2008 WIRED magazine.