2019 Sponsors

  • Mitsubishi Electric (IGBT modules)
  • CALB USA (7’s new battery pack)

2013 Feed the Team Sponsors

Thank you to the generous people who helped feed the team during the Ingenious book tour:

  • Eric Lane
  • Elizabeth Kennedy
  • Deane Redevelopment LLC
  • Daniel Gray
  • John Briggs
  • Wolfgang Möscheid from TWIKE
  • Joy Miller
  • Robert Payne
  • Sherry and Ron Dieckman
  • Ann Cohen
  • Nora and Jim Yochim
  • Dana Bauer

2010 PIAXP Sponsors

Bender, Inc.: The Leader in Ground Fault Protection.
Current EV Tech

Parkway Motors,
Springfield, IL
Springfield Electric Supply Company

Victron Energy:
Your supplier for Hybrid Power Solutions
Masterflux: AC & DC variable speed compressors and specialized thermal systems
DC Coffee Products
hooked us up with a commercial brewer for those late night “wired” sessions.
K Sport USA: Performance Suspension.
Kertow Auto Salvage, Taylorville, IL 217-824-5424

In Memory of Pete Burgett



Monetary Donations:

Every small donation helps us a lot and it adds up quickly.

Thanks to:

Dilithium Crystals ($1-$24.99)
Jonathan Gegaj
Daniel Armstrong, St. Louis, MO
Albert Barbuto Jr, North Adams, MA
Ross Cooper, Petersburg, IL
Andrew Cox, Taylorville, IL
Amy Crawford, Springfield, IL
Mike Dragovich, Central IL
Lucio Gasparetti, IL
Untung Haryono, Netherlands
Richard & Tricia Hendrix, Orlando, FL
Nick Kaplan, Adrian, MI,
Clark Lichty, Chicago, IL
Mauro Marangon, Italy
Dr. Paul Mach, Central IL
Prominic, Rantoul, IL
Sean Ramsay, Japan
Kurt Timmerman, Lake Saint Louis, MO
S Van Aller-De Buck, Netherlands
Bjorn Vandenheede, Belgium
Jennifer Wiziarde, Chicago, IL

Sub Light Engines ($25-$49.99)
Gerri Alger, Chicago, IL
Janean Baird, Bloomington, IL
Christa and Todd Chockley, Hanover Park, IL
Giuseppe Dia, Milano, Italy
John Eylar, Colorado Springs, CO
Mary Huetsch, Waterloo, IL
Christine Hodak, Chicago, IL
Ram Kuchibhotla, Glendale Heights, IL
Bill Maulding, Riverton, IL
Regina Walker, Dieterich, IL
Wylde Radio, Chicago, IL
Marilyn Smith, Park Forest, IL
Mark Yarcho, Lincoln, IL

Flux Capaciters ($50-$99.99)
Bruce Beazly, Springfield, IL
Stephen Bellaire, New Orleans, LA
Sue Davis, Chatham, IL
Shelli and Lisa Jennings, Western Illinois
Rose Johnson, Springfield, IL
Gabriel Miller, Taylorsville, CA
Ingunn Monsen, Norway
George Montanaro, Evanston, IL
Fred Mulacek, Viden, IL
The Patel Family, Springfield, IL
John Robitaille, Moore, SC
Mike Sirach, Harrisburg, IL
Erik Wilson, Chatham, IL

Warp Reactors ($100-$499.99)
Mark and Bev Bennett, Benld, IL
John and Tracy Cashman, Springfield, IL
Nina Dugger, Rochester, IL
Marvin Edwards, Springfield, IL
Jim Howard, Ellicott City, MD
Elizabeth Kennedy, Chicago, IL
Jonathan Kennedy, Springfield, IL
Stephen and Diane Moore, Bourbonnais, IL
Mark Palmer, Divernon, IL
Robin Speekenbrink, Netherlands
Keith, Streamwood, IL
Margaret Vaughan, Hinkley, IL
Chris Ward, Chicago, IL

Hyper Drives ($500 and up)
Anonymous, USA
Mike, Danyell and Tyler Balfour, Apopka, FL
“Uncle” Dan Braughton, Springfield, IL
John and Audrey Coyle, Colorado Springs, CO
Bill and June Hentze, Greenville, IL
George Kennedy, Central IL

Helping Hands

Thanks to:

  • Matt Yochim for his dedicated work as IMW intern.
  • Composite specialist Reg Schmeiss of Motorvation, Inc. for teaching us how to create carbon fiber panels.
  • Thanks to Sean Gray and the folks at Cash For Cars San Diego for their donation and support of our project.
  • Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co. of Auburn, IL, for donating a high quality sign for when Seven is on display.
  • Finishmaster, 1013 East Laurel Street, Springfield, IL for donating the base and clear coat for Seven’s silver paint job.
  • Capital City Machine Shop, 2840 Adlai Stevenson Dr. for donating the facing and balancing of our flywheel.
  • Patrick O’Ravis for showing up to Shakedown to help take care of business.
  • Nate Knappenburger, John Smith, Jonathan Kennedy, John Cashman, and Jason Schnepp for spending the coldest day of the winter cutting down trees and hauling firewood out to the IMW workshop.
  • Capitol City Tool & Design, Inc. (217/544-9250 Springfield, IL) and Michael Moe, the owner. They did an outstanding job on the coupler that hooks the motor to the transmission and built us a custom flywheel. If you need custom couplers made, Mike’s your guy, not only is he an expert machinist he’s also an automotive enthusiast and has built several vehicles from the ground up designing and making all the parts himself, his knowledge and experience in this area was invaluable to us. THANKS MIKE!
  • William Gregurich, Certified Public Accountant, 488 E Jackson, Auburn, IL. (217) 438-3982, for help with the business taxes.
  • Francis Machine Shop, Wilmington, IL, for custom parts.
  • Ross Cooper, Petersburg, IL, for engineering the wind tunnel for our tests.
  • Nick and John Smith, Chicago suburbs, for help with the workshop expansion project, Firewoodapalooza, and all the hours spent working on Seven.
  • Scotty’s Quality Recycled Auto Parts, Virginia, IL for their automotive insight, enthusiasm, and help finding some needed parts for the project.
  • David Hecht, Springfield, IL, for lending a hand with some of the physical gruntwork of recycling automotive parts and helping with the electrical work in the expanded workshop.
  • Kertow Auto Salvage and Towing, Taylorville, IL for their help, knowledge, and good humor during the WIRED photo shoot.
  • Central Illinois Concrete & Excavating, Springfield, IL for their help with the workshop expansion project and the WIRED photo shoot.
  • The Illinois Recycling Association and Green Floors for their generousity at Green Build.