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Since we started Seven gas prices haven’t gone down and neither have we stopped working to show the world what’s possible. We plan to continue the work we’ve begun, as it’s ever-growing need makes itself known each day we visit the gas pumps or turn on the nightly news. Team Illuminati has many ideas that we’re working on, not only are we working on the designs for a 2 seat, full-composite version of Seven, we’re working on how to make a DC drive system just as efficient as our record-breaking AC drive system currently in Seven, which would drastically reduce the costs related to an AC drive system. How will we build it in a timely fashion? Most of the team still have day jobs, and building a vehicle from scratch isn’t easy.

So how to accomplish this and pass on our knowledge as quickly as possible?  By taking an unconventional vehicle, a 1978 AMC Gremlin, and converting it into a super-efficient electric car in a step-by-step manner that can be recreated by everyone.  Let’s face it, if you can make a Gremlin get over 100 MPGe then you can make any vehicle get 100 MPGe…unless the Illuminati are keeping secrets…hmm.

But there is an added twist, the Gremlin, a.k.a my wife’s dream car, is destined for a totally 80’s totally A-Team make over.



Jen, my wife, childhood friend, Illuminati’s Webmaster and Auto Body aficionado, has been an A-Team fan since the show’s premier in 1983, and has wanted an A-Team van or A-Team vehicle ever since. After college the search for such a vehicle got more serious. She needed something that was usable as a daily driver — more fuel efficient and more unique than a van. The unique gal that she is, her search lead her to the 1970’s Gremlin body style which would make a perfect car for Murdock.

After many near misses I found a college student driving one in Springfield Illinois and Stalked…I mean talked him out of it and brought it home one Christmas several years back. Jen started working on it right away: finding parts, taking auto body classes, etc.  And then her project went on hiatus as she helped the Illuminati build Seven and compete in the X PRIZE.  In the meantime, gas prices continued to rise and her 15 MPG project car was gathering dust and becoming expensive to fuel.

(To see more on the A-Team Gremlin conversion see: The TV episode of Fanatical featuring Jen:

Additional photos of her Gremlin project:


What to do? She can’t keep paying these gas prices or she’ll lose the farm. The only thing to do: an awesome A-TEAM build montage (translated into modern terms as multiple short YouTube videos, pics and blogs) where we show how to combine the newly acquired parts ‘Faceman’ procures into an episode-saving machine that vanquishes the villain GAS and saves the day, while showing you how to do the same.

Our facility, a.k.a. pole barn is already equipped with the tools and many of the components needed to complete the conversion e.g.: kilovac switches, fuses, wire, connectors, gauges, and many other things needed in addition to the highly prized components included in this contest. And the 1978 Gremlin is ready and waiting to be converted from a gas guzzler to a classic EV.

We believed at the beginning of our X PRIZE adventure as we still do today, that if you have the ability to make a difference then you do not have the luxury or excuse not to. We also believe in the X PRIZE’s emphasis on education. If we win this contest we will do everything we can to document and share our progress so that anyone passionate about electric cars can learn from our journey and be inspired to embark on their own.

Vote for us in the EVTV Build Your Dream EV so we may win the key components necessary for our build and be a part of this adventure.


Thanks for your consideration. Kevin Smith

Be The Change!

I started this as a reply to a comment but I do tend to ramble.

Funny thing is we are not keeping this technology a secret; it was all off the shelf. We have almost all of the technical details available online for anyone to see. I agree there should be more Sevens on the road. We even know how to build them better and more quickly. We have the knowledge, ability and desire to build more cars. Thankfully Tesla is doing something in the realm of a sports sedan with their Model S.

We want the paradigm to shift. Illuminati Motor Works has not closed its doors, but speaking for myself I want you to do something. Who is telling Americans, or anyone for that matter, they cannot build their dreams? You can be the change you desire! Lazy people complain about the status quo, but refuse to do anything about it. Major manufactures will not make something as expensive as an automobile unless there is a proven demand, so it is up to you. Humanity has been to the moon repeatedly, granted it took the smartest people to do it, but they did it with slide rules (a mechanical device for doing calculations).

A news story came out that the iPad2 is more powerful than a super computer of 20 years ago. The nasty secret is every person reading this has a computer at their disposal which can run design software allowing them to build whatever they wish, whether it be electronic gadgets, boats, airplanes, cars, anything. This same computer can run 3D printers and milling machines which will build the parts for you, or email your designs to someone with the tools and have them build it for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect — it never is the first time. Lazy people will pick your designs apart from their sofa, there is a name for them @$$ %*)#$.

Don’t be afraid to fail; we failed in front of the whole world, and it didn’t really hurt. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, we are right here. Maybe you can hire, or at least buy us dinner, Illuminati Motor Works.

Good luck