Be The Change!

I started this as a reply to a comment but I do tend to ramble.

Funny thing is we are not keeping this technology a secret; it was all off the shelf. We have almost all of the technical details available online for anyone to see. I agree there should be more Sevens on the road. We even know how to build them better and more quickly. We have the knowledge, ability and desire to build more cars. Thankfully Tesla is doing something in the realm of a sports sedan with their Model S.

We want the paradigm to shift. Illuminati Motor Works has not closed its doors, but speaking for myself I want you to do something. Who is telling Americans, or anyone for that matter, they cannot build their dreams? You can be the change you desire! Lazy people complain about the status quo, but refuse to do anything about it. Major manufactures will not make something as expensive as an automobile unless there is a proven demand, so it is up to you. Humanity has been to the moon repeatedly, granted it took the smartest people to do it, but they did it with slide rules (a mechanical device for doing calculations).

A news story came out that the iPad2 is more powerful than a super computer of 20 years ago. The nasty secret is every person reading this has a computer at their disposal which can run design software allowing them to build whatever they wish, whether it be electronic gadgets, boats, airplanes, cars, anything. This same computer can run 3D printers and milling machines which will build the parts for you, or email your designs to someone with the tools and have them build it for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect — it never is the first time. Lazy people will pick your designs apart from their sofa, there is a name for them @$$ %*)#$.

Don’t be afraid to fail; we failed in front of the whole world, and it didn’t really hurt. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, we are right here. Maybe you can hire, or at least buy us dinner, Illuminati Motor Works.

Good luck

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