A Parade and The Drive for Innovation

Words words words…hmm let’s see, what happened this week…

First, we got Seven running again with a new modified transmission and within a couple hours were participating in the Divernon Homecoming Parade ( the local annual parade and carnival).

But the big news drove up to Illuminati Headquarters in a fire engine red 2011 Chevy Volt. Brian Fuller stopped for a visit along his cross country Drive For Innovation


We spent a couple hours with Brian, sitting in the air conditioned shop. It was 95+ degrees out with a heat index well over 100. We were sipping on sodas and water, talking about our adventures with Seven and the whats and whys of what we believe to be the future of the automobile and how that ties into why we took on the challenge of the X Prize.

After all the talking was done (about 2 hours, three sentences, forty seven tangents and one breath later for me 😉 ) , we took Brian out for a ride in Seven and he let us take a spin behind the wheel of the Volt. Brian was fairly impressed with the speed and acceleration of Seven and we were impressed with the fit finish and seamless operation of the Chevy Volt. GM did a really impressive job on this car. From the push button start, to the touch sensitive controls, and the very clean engine/motor bay, to the charge port which can plug into either 110 or 220 outlets without any adjustments or switches to flip for the operator, you simply plug it in.

To make a long blog short, I did most the talking and Brian took most of the video, however we did stop long enough to get a few pictures, take a look at the photos page to see Brian at the Hall of Seven and the Volt doing a little opportunity charging.

Next week, Bloomington, IL for a presentation for the collectors car club followed up on August 6th by participating in their annual car show. More about that later…or come out and see Seven if you’re in the area.

Audere Est Facere

Kevin Smith

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