Ingenious East Coast Tour

Kevin, Nick and George will be bringing Seven out to the East Coast this December to help Jason Fagone promote his new book, Ingenious: A True Story of Invention, Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America.

The book’s publisher, Crown, has been incredibly cool and supportive of the project, but one thing that wasn’t in the cards was a book tour. Jason thought it would be fun to travel a bit, so he organized some dates and locations, trying to maximize the opportunities for people on the East Coast to see the car within the small amount of time Kevin has available (he does have a day job). So while we can’t make it out to see everyone, we hope a lot of you can still come to meet us.

We’re excited for this opportunity to meet people, to answer questions, and hope to encourage the inner inventor inside of you. If anything, Ingenious is an inspiring tale, a call to the DIY culture to make the future they want to live in. Jason has a wonderful presentation about the Automotive XPRIZE and the people who dared to dream that a high milage car is possible. If you’re not already excited, his talk will make you want to build something. Anything. Even if you just start with Tinkertoys or toothpicks.

Check out the dates below and come meet the 207 MPGe DIY EV.

East Coast Tour Dates:

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