New body underway

The team worked with Reg Schmeiss through April and May, pulling molds off the rear of the car and making new body panels out of carbon fiber. As I write this, the area spanning from the back windows to the tow hitch has shiny new body panels. Total, they weigh only about 60 pounds and are much stronger than the foam and fiberglass they replace.

When the new body is in place, Seven will be more efficient than 207 MPGe.

There are a number of photos of the process on our site. You can also catch some informational videos on our YouTube channel:

The rear doors are now ready to have molds pulled. They will have Kevlar and carbon fiber panels to replace the foam that is there. Seven’s steel skeleton is still built like a tank, but just to be sure, the inner structure of the doors will be altered for additional safety.

Reg will be returning in September to help finish creating Seven’s new body. And then we need to decide on a color for the paint job. Kevin wants it to be blue instead of silver. He and I have been staring at blue cars a lot. Current favorites are the Chevy “Lazer Blue Metallic” and Ford’s “Blue Flame Metallic.”

Paint suggestions are welcome. Yes, it looks mean in black, but that will make the interior hotter than Hades, so the paint can’t be too dark.

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  1. I like the color scheme you have on the website a two tone would ft with the style and you can tint the windows legally now.

  2. I was always partial to Seven’s original silver look… it reminded me of Marc Cohen’s “Silver Thunderbird” and that reminded me of my grandpa…

    “Watched it coming up Winslow
    Down South Park Boulevard
    Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood
    Great big fins and painted steel
    Man it looked just like the Batmobile
    With my old man behind the wheel

    Well you could hardly even see him
    In all of that chrome
    The man with the plan and the pocket comb
    But every night it carried him home
    And I could hear him sayin’…

    Don’t gimme no Buick
    Son you must take my word
    If there’s a God in heaven
    He’s got a Silver Thunderbird

    You can keep your Eldorados
    And the foreign car’s absurd
    Me I want to go down
    In a Silver Thunderbird ”

    Of course now I see Kevin in Seven too when I hear that song…

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