Powerex IGBTs

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Holey Efficient Switches Batman!

In case you didn’t catch on to my elation at the results from the upgrade we recently made to Seven by installing Powerex IGBTs; I’m very impressed with their performance.

So, to give you the whole story in a Twitter size(ish) bite:

 Reading Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine: New IGBTs 40% more efficient than just 10 years ago.
Me: Hmmm…if we swap ours out for new ones we could gain up to 10% efficiency!
Talk to experts…A.K.A, Nate and Byron, the Illuminati electronics experts
Nate/Byron: Should work, but good chance it’ll blow up the inverter, power electronics
can be… tricky…
Me: ahhhh, drool…weighing pros cons….blow up inverter-increase of 10%…Worth it!

● Powerex donates new 7th generation IGBTs
● We install in spare inverter, take it for a spin and …
● Efficiency increase: 7% at no load and up to 20% at peak load!!!
● Power increase: up to 20%!! BONUS!

To hear more about this upgrade and what else we’re doing to increase Seven’s efficiency come see us at the The Battery Show in Novi Michigan Sept. 11-13. I’ll be giving a
presentation on the main floor September 13, 2018 at 2:30pm on ‘Ways to Apply Existing Technology to Triple EV Efficiency’.

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