Upcoming Events and Sad Cake

We have several upcoming events including taking part in National Drive Electric Week, a visit to Purdue university, EVCCON 5, and an upcoming TV show we’re featured in…

On September 16 at 6pm CST tune in to the Velocity channel and see Seven!! That’s right, Prime Time, Baby! Thanks to the folks from Translogic who have been doing a smash-up job for years now on their internet show and now have a slot on prime time TV!! Can you give them WOOT!??


Some thoughts about that guy you’re about to see:

Since Episode 156  of Translogic is airing on Sept 16 (yeah, it’s a repeat of the 2014 episode), Jen and I went back and watched it online last night and a realized a couple things:

1) How loud Seven was before the new rubber mounts were installed.

2.) Something that was left out. Ever notice how it seems like one guy put this whole thing together??? He must be some type of super human, the likes of which are only concocted in a lab or comic books. Or is he?

It’s like seeing a movie and this time, this one time, you stay to watch the credits, and you see just how many people it took to pull off that film to which we give the actors not only all the screen time but all the credit when the people who did the real work we only get their name and maybe a title in passing with hundreds sometimes thousands of others.

That’s what I saw the other night when rewatching episode 156…so when you tune in to the episode…or if its passed by the time you’re reading this and you’re about to catch it online, look in the background and you’ll see the cast and crew, sitting quietly at a table not making a peep: the team that did all the real work to make Seven happen: Thomas Pasko, Nate Knappenburger, Josh Spradlin, George Kennedy, Nick Smith. And there were many others like Jen Danzinger (who hides from press), Intern Matt Yochim and other volunteers who were the designers, builders, electricians, engineers, techs and programmers that made me look great and made Seven possible.

Yeah I helped. Yes it was my party…but it’s never much of a party if you’re there eating cake all by yourself. So when you read this or our other blogs, see past press or hear me talk…just remember all of what you’re not seeing, because a party of one isn’t a party at all, it’s just…sad cake.

Back to the Schedule:

September 20, 2015– we’ll be at the St. Louis Planetarium to help celebrate Drive Electric Week, so come out and see Seven.

September 26-29, 2015– We’ll be visiting Intern Matt at Purdue University. showing off the car, and giving rides. You might even catch me giving a talk or two (it might just be one that seems like two).

September 29-October 4, 2015– we’ll be at EVCCON 2015 in Cape Girardeau Missouri. Come out on the public event day Saturday, October 3 to see all the EVs and maybe get a ride in one.

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