Welcome back, Reg!

IMW welcomes Reg Schmeiss of Motorvation back to our workshop. It’s going to be a very busy week. We’re hoping to get 4 carbon fiber / kevlar doors and a brand spanking new hood made. If there’s still time available – make molds of the front fenders.

Kevin, Reg, George, and John have started on the doors. Nick will be joining the fun tomorrow. We’ll have photos of the process scattered amongst our Facebook and Twitter pages and an expanded recap in our photos section of this website (probably in early October).

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  1. Hope you guys can figure out a way to put this technology in a pickup truck,that would be AWESOME. O r even be able to mass produce your cars to the public. If I had some money I would donate BIG TIME. I am an inventor and love project like these. GOOD LUCK !!!

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