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The following entry is authored by my lovely wife Dustie. Her continued support for my being a part of this endeavor is greatly appreciated and needed.

The time is nearing and the pressure is on. I visit the shop and see worn faces, fiberglass-glue-covered bodies and one sexy “Seven” coming together. I’m not sure this is what I envisioned crunch time being like. I’m not sure I even had a vision of the end. I knew they would finish, but I had no idea what the experience would be like. My heart pounds a little extra beat when my son asks for a chair to pull up next to his Daddy so he can examine the headlights being installed. I watch admiration follow in his eyes. His Daddy is helping BUILD A CAR. If that doesn’t give a child something to look up to, I don’t know what does. I have literally watched this beautiful creature grow, like a fetus in a womb…developing with the passing months. The seed started with a vision, followed by chalk lines and little by little it has grown into something bigger, better and becomes more of itself each day. The team is nearing their due date and everyone is anxious for the birth of SEVEN.

 Anticipation levels rise with wonders of what Seven will really look like in the end, how will it’s performance be, and will it live up to the expectations of Team IMW, Xprize and the world. As silly as the analogy may be, there is no denying the fascination I feel of watching this project come alive. Regardless of the final decision, this team is indeed a winner and have created quite a masterpiece. I am quite sure this team will be lost with what to do with themselves once this project has been successfully completed. They will return to their families, will sleep in late on their Saturdays and sit in their lazy boys wondering how to fill their time. Until then, they are working overtime and are pouring their hearts and souls into Seven. They remain between those shop walls most days of the week, bantering with each other to keep the monotony away and accept nothing more than a “will-do” attitude.

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  1. When it’s finished clearly they will need to start building the 2nd one. After all if they don’t build one for each of them, they are going to have to share it.

    Good luck with the final hectic and no doubt stressful weeks of the build.

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