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It’s on!

On a cool late spring evening, May 18th. Seven piloted by Kevin Smith, co pilot Nathan Knappenburger, and Nick Smith documenting Seven realized her potential. With the parameters corrected she had her first full power acceleration run. The gleeful cheers of the three passengers filled the cabin, finally they saw what their hard work had created. Now that Seven is

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A long way to go short time to get there

Just an idea what our plate looks like. Install connectors to allow maintenance on drive system this will require terminating 250 connections 4 times one on each side of each end of our connectors. Design Logic board, order its parts build prototype board install and test make changes that are necessary. As part of installing the new connectors I will

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Now that is a Monday!

This was the most stressful day of my life!  I am battling noise in our electrical system.  I wired our BMS again with I think i have a work around to keep us going.  I am tired and need sleep thanks everyone for your support!

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