A long way to go short time to get there

Just an idea what our plate looks like. Install connectors to allow maintenance on drive system this will require terminating 250 connections 4 times one on each side of each end of our connectors. Design Logic board, order its parts build prototype board install and test make changes that are necessary. As part of installing the new connectors I will rewire the car, also I need to address some noise issues plaguing our components. Before and after the wiring we will be tuning our inverter to improve performance and driving experience. We also have to rework our cooling system, climate control system, and radio. The Shakedown opened our eyes to the durability and performance reality we are expected to achieve. They are lofty goals for any pre-production car, and for a hand built car by first-timers, all I can say is we are trying very hard.

We are basically self funded this has good and bad; how is this good you might ask? Well we are not beholden to anyone as to our designs. The bad we are limited by our credit limits as to the components we can afford. This in its self leads to building an electric car that is as expensive as it has to be with the waste basically the mistakes we have made. The biggest expense is time we have wasted on our mistakes.

Mistake is a bad word for it, a better description would be learning exercises. Their are all kinds of great designs and until you try to build a design you don’t know whether it is a mistake or not. So, if you have a great idea try and build it and see if it is a great idea or mistake, making a dream a reality is tough. Reality is a cruel taskmaster and doesn’t give you anything if something doesn’t work it doesn’t work, and no matter how bad you want it to work if you don’t change your design it will never work. So, our egos have been humbled, our designs have been changed, and Seven has become better for it. It remains to be seen whether we have time to make the right changes to finish Seven.

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  1. We hope that you get all your issues resolved and that we get to share a garage with you next month. If it’s any consolation. Our to-do list has 47 items on it…so far. Good luck.

  2. Guys, I really must commend you for your efforts. Myself and many at Global-E have built well over 20 one-off or movie cars and we are here to attest on your behalf as to what a monumental effort you have put forth. Bravo for staying the course despite the odds.

  3. This plan will ultimately failed…
    I mean look… your name is “illuminati”…

    Nobody wants to support a form of Satanism. And your Satanic logo, that is even more childish and immature.

    When using occult symbology, its supposed to be just a tad hidden… you know like Time Warner’s logo is.

    illuminati motor works = complete fail and will never get ahead. Only hemp based resources can have success with being the alternative for combustion based engines.

    Anything else is a crock pot of crap and political nonsense.

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