Beyond Theory to Application

We built a 4 seat BEV that has a range of over 200 miles. It achieves over 180 MPGe on the highway. It can go well over 85 mph. With its steel framework it is safe to drive in traffic. And the 10 cubic foot trunk room? You can stow a lot of groceries in there, along with a spare tire.

It can tow its own weight (tow hitch included in the design).

What started out as a bunch of chalk lines on a workshop floor is now a fully-functional car. It may be currently one-of-a-kind, but it’s no science project. And as of today, it’s been deemed safe for the road. The Secretary of State Police inspected Seven this morning and by this afternoon she had a VIN attached to her frame.

Tomorrow she’ll be sporting temporary plates.

This weekend she might be seen traveling down old Route 66.

Some weekend you may see her parked at a drive in movie.

Or she’ll pass you on the highway on your way to work.

Want to know the future of EVs? It’s happening right here, right now, and coming to a road near you.

Seven at the Drive In
Seven at the Sky View Drive In

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  1. Since our Pulse vehicle has basically the same drive train, range and ammenities as your vehicle ‘Seven’ we are in full agreement with your thoughts. The Department of Energy, although they are pushing for hybrids as the short term interum fix for helping the US reduce our dependancy on oil, are certainly monotarily supporting the new battery technologies and cross-country infrastructure that as made these vehicles viable. Plug-in electric vehicles are here and are the way the market is heading. The desire for these vehicles has surpassed our production capacity for the next five years so the future is filled with only growth.

    Blair Touchard,
    Marketing Director

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