I love a parade

Since receiving its VIN and license plates, Seven has cruised Route 66, attended at drive in movie, and been driven as a commuter car in Springfield, IL.

I think its time to celebrate.

If you’re in the Springfield, IL area, be sure to attend the IL State Fair Twilight Parade, Thursday, August 12, at 6pm. Illuminati Motor Works and Seven will be part of the parade line up. You’ll get a chance to see a big EV with a 200 mile range quietly rolling through the neighborhood.

Ok, the guy driving it will probably be blaring the stereo, honking and waving, but you get my idea.

See you at the parade!

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  1. Both engines on the mainstream Edison2 cars blew up, but they got waivers to continue in the contest. It seems only fair for the 7 to also get a waiver since its clutch bearing problem was not nearly as significant as the Edison2 IC engines blowing up.

    Of course those two Edison cars were both being driven by Chrysler drivers at the time, but the tandem class Edison2 engine also blew up, and it was being driven by an Edison2 driver.

    The IC engine appears to be a big problem in the Edison2 cars, and those engines barely get the 100 mpge minimum. Edison2 would probably still be in all three x prize contests if they had used battery electric power trains rather than those IC engines.

    The 7 on the other hand was getting well above 100 mpge, and has the necessary 200+ mile range according to your reports.

    If the 7 had gotten a waiver, and you were allowed to repair its bearing, it appears the 7 would have had a good shot at winning the mainstream class even though the electric 7 weighs as much as all four Edison2 cars combined. Battery electric is simply the best solution for the xprize contest. And it is the best solution for our global problems, especially if solar energy provides the electric power.

    The true cost of gasoline is estimated to actually be 10 to 15 dollars a gallon if externalized costs of global warming, pollution, oil spills, military protection of oil lanes, and oil wars are all properly included in the pump price.

    Everybody would be driving solar powered battery electric cars right now if they realized they are actually paying $200 to fill their gasoline tank, with all the externalized costs they are paying for oil.

    Coal and natural gas also have massive externalized costs that make them actually much more expensive than clean energy sources like solar and wind.

    CO2 is now at 390ppm and rapidly climbing. We simply must stop burning anything for energy. With the sun and wind providing so much free energy, it is absolute insane to kill our planet with fossil fuels and IC engines.

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