February 2012 update

Work continues on Seven’s remodel. A lot of hours have been spent sculpting the new curves and making sure they’re as symmetrical as possible.

The rear of the car is the most altered. It doesn’t flare out as far and now has body lines not unlike tail fins. The front of the car is a little narrower and has body lines that lead along the hood to the headlights.

High density foam is easy to accidentally dent or shred, so George and Kevin painted a candy coating of epoxy resin on top of the foam once the final shape was achieved. This will protect the foam from being damaged.

Since the old body will be used as a plug for the construction of a final carbon fiber shell, it needs to be as smooth as possible. Seven now has two weights of body filler on it: a light white coat composed of epoxy resin and 3M glas bubbles, and a heavier brown coat of epoxy resin and fairing compound. They do the same job that Bondo would do, except that since they have the same epoxy resin that was used to candy coat the foam, they will adhere better. They should add less weight than Bondo.

The headlights never fit properly, so new mounts are being fabricated and the new body foam cups the lights instead of leaving a gap between the chrome trim and the body.

The door hinges were functional but were neither attractive nor allowed the doors to be water-tight. Kevin created a new design for the hinges and their support structure and Nick and George are digging into the top of Seven to remove the old hinges and framework.

A couple of videos and some new photos have been added to this site during the winter rebuild, if you’d like to take a look at the progress so far.

Stay tuned. More to come as time and spotty rural wifi allow.

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