Seven under reconstruction

After putting a lot of miles on Seven this year, she’s back in the workshop for some cosmetic surgery. The body was constructed in February 2010 when the team was rushing to meet the X PRIZE deadline. The fit and finish wasn’t what we wanted or what Seven deserved. Now there is time to go back and make changes.

This weekend Kevin, Nick, Nate and George worked to dismantle parts of Seven and began to recreate the rear fenders. About 4-5 inches have been removed from each side and the curves are closer to what were in the original design drawings. She’s lost a little trunk room as a result, but since the old trunk was over 12 cubic feet, the new cargo space won’t feel cramped.

Seven’s CD was estimated at .23. The changes the team will make this winter to the front and rear fenders as well as the hood and roof should bring that CD closer to .20. That’s the goal, at least. This may mean an increase in efficiency of 16.5% – an extra 30+ MPGe.

I know some people will criticize the flared fenders for decreasing efficiency. The decrease is nominal and well worth the objective of keeping Seven true to her original design. The team always wanted a car that was functional (street legal), efficient, and stylish. This winter’s rebuild will remain true to those goals.

We will be chronicling the changes in photos, videos, and blogs. Stay tuned.

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