Happy Easter, from Team IMW

Our involvement in this competition has required we push beyond the boundaries of our comfort levels. We’ve learned a lot in the process and have grown as individuals while also growing closer as a team.

While I knew that this would be a long, demanding endeavor, I don’t think I realized what a toll the long hours could have on us. It’s not the exhaustion that comes from working on Seven until 4am and then getting up to do it all over again the next/same day. That can wear you down, but somehow you manage. With enough coffee, you manage.

What I’m talking about is the exhaustion that comes from being away from family so long. From having one part of your brain puzzling out the next solution to a problem on Seven while the other part of your brain thinks about how you could be spending time with your wife. With your child. From the loneliness of coming home sometime before sunup, tired and sore, and finding them asleep.

I’m grateful for the dedication and determination of the team. I’m also grateful for the families who have continued to support us. For cheering us on, visiting the shop with home-cooked meals, and picking up our share of the everyday tasks when we’re so often away.

Without the team, Seven would still be chalk lines on a cement floor.

Without the support of our families, none of this would be possible.

I thank you and wish you a Happy Easter. Enjoy a holiday meal with your loved ones.

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  1. This is so true I miss my family and I feel guilty for the time I have spent away from them, but what kind of man would I be to not finish what i start. I would never forgive myself if i failed, and i had not given it my all! Success or failure will happen, but giving up that is something you have to answer for the rest of your life, We are a team and have all given part of our lives to this project with this gift comes the responsibility. It is no longer your blood sweat and tears in this project it is everyone’s. I hope my energy is enough to complete my responsibility, but if it is not I hope we all know we each gave more than we thought we could! Thank you everyone for this opportunity, now lets finish this thing and kick some ass!

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