Learning Curve…..

Being a part of this team since it’s inception, I can’t even begin to list the things I’ve learned. Hell, we’ve built a car from the ground up!  I’ve learned some pretty incredible things over the last 2+ years.  A pretty good percentage of it has been improvisation.  We created some needs for some pretty specific and important parts, and with no prior experience in the manufacture of said parts, we were forced to come up with solutions on our own.  Sometimes the solutions were quick “AHA!” moments, and other times we’ve had to deliberate for days or even weeks to figure out the most effective way to accomplish a task.  Because of our “design on the fly” approach to many things, we’ve had to alter components that we thought were complete and perfect. Such is life. I like to call our shop “The Busted Knuckle Garage” where our motto is, “We do it right because we do it twice!”.  Twice. Yeah…..at LEAST twice!  Such is life in the IMW world. Our ideas tend to follow this approach….”I love it! It’s perfect! Now let’s change it….”

Regardless of how many times we’ve had to alter our designs, regardless of the mental walls we’ve hit coming up with solutions that now seem so simple, we pull through.  We get the job done.  We think we have most of the tricky stuff figured out. Now it’s down to all the fine details.  You know, the little things. Like making 7 look as good as she does in our minds. We’re approaching  the final chapters of this competition.  Some might say that we are near the end of this adventure.  To them, I say this…..

The ending of our story is just beginning.

Stay tuned, and a sincere thank you to all who have supported us!


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  1. Cool. I can’t wait to see it running on the road. I have been following all your videos on Youtube. It’s beginning to really come together, although the start of the competition seems to be approaching rather alarmingly. I hope you guys can get it finished in time.

    …Anyway good luck and I can’t wait to see more videos of it when it’s finished. Well done for putting so much hard work into it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Nick! Always good to hear actual feedback from real people instead of broken english spam!

  3. I agree with Nick.

    I’ve been following your team for some time now, and want to say that you are all truly an inspiration! It is great to see a grassroots effort like this come so far. Keep up the hard work and the best of luck to you all!

  4. Thanks so much for your support Fred! We really appreciate it when fans/followers take the time to let us know our efforts are noticed. Time is running low, but we’re giving it our all!

  5. We are getting her wired up again after the change we needed to make, and she will be much more functional. We haven’t had spare time to make videos sorry everyone!

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