Night Drive, 6/14/10

Writer Jason Fagone’s Illuminati photo:

"A handmade electric car in the cornfields at night: Illuminati Motor Works, Divernon, IL, June 14, 2010"

Seven on a country road at night, paused after a test drive. Kevin driving, Nate riding shotgun with dueling laptops hooked into the brain of the car, me in the back, and somehow author Jason Fagone managed to unfold his long, lean frame from a cramped back seat to take this photo.

It was an amazing moment in time. In the darkness, the Millennium Falcon noise of the motor made me expect to see stars shooting through the back windows. When the windows fogged in the humidity, we popped the gull wings open and cruised with the sudden cool night air carrying tree frog song into the car. Surrounded by corn and soybeans, the only lights were the blinding LED headlights and the rhythmic staccato pulse of the lightning bugs.

The new suspension boasts a smoother ride. The car handles beautifully compared to the bumpy ride at PIAXP Shakedown. Kevin effortlessly executed a 180 degree turn on a road with a slight decline. From my rear-facing seat, the swinging momentum made me feel like a giddy child on a carnival ride.

I wished that night drive would never end.

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