We passed the Design Judging round, the next step on our way to victory!

Only 43 teams remain in the competition, 35% of the original 120 official contenders. Which means 42 challengers left, 42, the answer to life the universe and everything according to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Does that mean Illuminati Motor Works is the question? Well you won’t have to wait 10 million years to find out, only about 10 months until the final race.

We’re all very excited about the prospects the future holds for our team and what the advent of a commercially viable 100 MPGe vehicle will mean for the world. It means energy independence not only for us, but also for every industrialized and developing country. Enough energy to power a new revolution not only in the transportation industry but also in power generation, consumption and utilization; the cascade affects possible from this event are astounding. Imagine all of our energy needs met by solar and wind power, a reduction in greenhouse gasses by almost 90%, a new industrial revolution in green energy and jobs, all driven by XPRIZE’s vision of a 100 MPGe vehicle.

I’d like to say “sit back and watch,” but unfortunately that won’t make this or any change happen. As we’re showing, even a small number of people working out of a barn located in the middle of a cornfield in central Illinois, have a part to play. We all do. For example, if we want cell phones to get smaller and have increased functionality they become that way because we vote with our dollars to make them so. If we want safer more fuel-efficient cars we must vote that way, again with our dollars to make it so. I know how hard it is to take from one’s limited finances and give to a dream, because I’ve done it. I believe in the dream. I believe in my team. I believe in this event. I believe in it so strongly that my Chicago roots are showing through, because I’ve personally voted over 40,000 times… give or take a couple. I’m not the only one that believes in this dream, my wife, my team and every other team out there is putting their all into this dream, into this vision of a better future. And every one of us can use your support. So go to our donations page and make a donation or go to the web page of the team of your choice and cast your vote. Every dollar, every vote matters regardless if that vote is for Illuminati Motor Works or another of the XPRIZE contenders. Make yourself heard, get out there and vote $$, even if it means you have to sit back at your computer to do it.

Audere Est Facere!
Kevin Smith

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