With a Little Help From My Friends

That’s what this project is all about, any project for that matter from roofing a house to putting in a pool for the kids, it’s always accomplished with a little help from our friends. You tell them what you’re working on, and they offer a hand, in return you have pizza and beer waiting as a reward. In return they pour their hard work, sweat, and free time into helping out a bud. All too often this is the only time we make to get together with our friends and families anymore. It gives us an…excuse to make time to see each other. Maybe that’s why so many of us like helping a friend move, or sweating our tails off in August to re-roof their house. We build bonds while building that project. With each drop of sweat we talk our troubles away, regain our smiles, reaffirm and add to the bonds that make us friends, that make our friends family.

My friends, my family, have been through a lot together over the past two years. We’ve bought houses, had spouses retire, changed jobs, gotten married, had children, been in automobile accidents, a son has come home from active duty in the gulf, and we’ve designed and are building a car. Life has been busy and thrown us several curve balls, but through it all we’ve managed to stay on track, designing and building a car and not killing each other in the process.

We have our differences, and we may not always work as well as we’d like together, but it’s those differences and disagreements that make us one heck of a team and it’s our strong friendships that hold us together. After everything we’ve been through, all that we’ve learned, new friends made and old ones lost along the way, we’re still at it and we’re looking forward to the next year and showing the world just what can be accomplished, with a little help, from our friends.

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