We’ve been asked on many occasions why take on this challenge? Why give up your free time, your lives to build a car? All the strain it puts on your family’s lives, friendships and bank account, why do this to yourselves just to build a car?

Why? We believe there is a better way, a way that is economically viable and sustainable using existing technology as a basis upon which to reinvent our personal transportation infrastructure. Although we’ve made great strides with the internal combustion engine and its years as king are not over, it is time for the king to oversee his kingdom instead of pushing all its carts. The internal combustion engine is king not because it’s the most efficient power convertor on the plant, but because it packs one of the biggest punches. However, times have changed, we have learned that it is better to work with the land and our environment instead of beating it into submission. It is also better to work with our technology and available power sources to use them efficiently instead of fighting against them and hoping a better way materializes. We need vehicles that not only reflect where we stand but show us where we’re going. Seven gives us that first glimpse of where we’re going. Seven is an elegant yet sporty vehicle with an electric drive-train that will get us to work in style and still carry the entire family to the grandparents on the weekend all on less than $100 in annual fuel costs. It accomplishes this with zero tailpipe emissions, zero noise, and zero to 60 in less than 4 seconds.

We initially took on this task with the sense of adventure that comes with any competition and the basic design concepts around which we’ve been building for the past two years. We tirelessly watched through heavy-lidded eyes our dreams and flashes of insight develop into reality. Many of our original ideas had to be modified or just scrapped along the way, but today we have nearly finished our first prototype vehicle and will be racing this summer at a place and time to be announced.

We believed at the beginning of this adventure as we still do today, that if you have the ability to make a difference then you do not have the luxury or excuse not to. It would have been easier, -much easier – to sit back and wait for someone else to come up with a solution. But then how would we know if we weren’t meant to be that someone else, and no solution came as we sat and waited? Our reality is what we make it. Our actions of today create our future. If you don’t act today, there may be no future waiting for you.

Take action. Take those first steps with us as we bring Seven, the World’s first true 100 MPGe, consumer-friendly vehicle into existence.

Where were you when human kind first landed on the moon?

Where were you when civilization stood up and took responsibility for its environmental footprint and paved the way for its sustainable transportation future?

Were you sitting back waiting or were you driving the future?

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