I Have No Idea What’s Going On.

I could say that the title about sums it up, but then BITW would win our bet. It doesn’t matter that it’s only an empty package of grapefruit rinds on the line….it’s my empty package of grapefruit rinds and I’m not giving them up without a fight!

Oh look, a squirrel.

So we have new custom struts on the way, after our regenerative struts, um, hit the road hard. Basically we need more time to work with the regen struts to make them not only an energy recovery device but effective dampeners…it was a rough ride at shakedown, however the handling was excellent, so out with the old and in with the new and improved ride.

Was that a leaf?

Just George rustling over in the corner…which George? Take your pick.

Man am I thirsty.

The new struts allow us to cut down on the vehicles weight a little bit, something we need to address to increase our efficiency. Several of the teams took the time at shakedown to discuss our approach of energy efficiency, and aerodynamics but apparent total lack of weight management and its potential role in reducing our overall power consumption by minimizing vehicle mass throughout our design. I agree, weight is important, however we’ve lacked the funds to use the lightest weight materials or the know-how to use many of these materials effectively. So we focused on what we could control, e.g. drive train efficiency and aerodynamics…however now that we have a second or two to breathe we are looking back at our design and finding ways to lighten it a bit….yes, designing light weight materials in from the get go would be a better approach, however we needed to move forward as quickly as we could in order to get the car as far as we have. Many great inventions have been brought about by people just like you and me doing what they could with what they had to solve a problem at that moment. Take the invention of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for example, now that was genius. Just think, if the person that invented the PBJ waited until they pizza delivery guy showed up instead of making a meal with what they had available to them, a staple of our childhoods would be gone. OK, I still love PBJ’s…just switched to strawberry jelly from grape.

So until next time WIT 221.

(and if you’re wondering, this blog is chalked full of inside jokes…maybe one of the other bloggers will fill you in…or maybe not. Either way, I hope you enjoyed)

I mean, Audere Est Facere!


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  1. I’m amazed to hear that on top of everything else you took on (designing?) regenerative struts for your car… It’s a bit late now but are you aware of Levant Power? They probably would have donated some of their new patented regenerative shocks to get some press in the Xprize… though now that I think about it, since the whole competition is essentially on a smooth track, those probably wouldn’t get you much added benefit.
    Congratulations on showing how far perseverance and really impressive teamwork can get you.

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