As I sit here, on the eve of innovation, and in the presence of inspiration, I am reminded of the one word that was most likely thrown in the face of inventors, and dreamers across the ages. CAN’T.

I would be willing to bet that that single word was heard by most, if not all, of the greatest thinkers and problem solvers immediately previous to their breakthroughs. “You can’t do that!” “It’s not possible.” “You must be mad to think that this can or will work” For some, such adversity to new and unconventional ideas would result in a loss of confidence in said idea. For others it is merely the catalyst, the drive, the determination to press forward. To prove the doubters wrong, and to usher in new lines of reasoning. Fresh avenues to explore, and trains of thought that go against the norms of a complacent society. And that is what we have become. A complacent society, so obsessed with what we can get, and how fast we can get it, that we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to step back and question what IS possible if we would just apply ourselves a bit more.

This country was built by innovators and free thinkers. Completely average men and women who saw needs for certain things, and built solutions to fulfill those needs. It seems that these days, most average people are more willing to sit idly by and let someone else think of new things, than to question the way things are in the world they live in. It doesn’t take much to alter the path of technology. A slightly different approach to existing innovation, and you have the possibility to change the world without radically changing the accepted way of living.

This is a call to arms for the average. The majority. To people not concerned about profit margins. To the everyday people that, if given a chance, have the undeniable power to change the world. It is us, the faceless sea of ordinary citizens, that are responsible for the greatest inventions in history. Inventions born out of passion, necessity, and the hope for a better world for our future generations.

Five average guys working out of a converted machine shed in the middle of corn country can’t possible change the world can they? Can’t? Not only CAN we, but we can do so with nothing but the best of intentions, the purest resolve, and a passion to change the status quo. Change is inevitable.

Do you just want to sit there and let yourself be absorbed in the changes that OTHER people think you need? OR would you rather develop your own ideas, and see where they can lead you, me, and the world? Prepare yourself to hear that ever popular word. “Can’t.” But remember, the greatest breakthroughs and innovations in history came about after that word was spoken. After the Wright Brothers first flight at KittyHawk, the words “Man can’t fly” ceased to be a truth.

Too much is focused on what we can’t do. Now is the time to step back, lace up our boots, and say “What CAN we do, if we just look at things a little differently?”, and dive headfirst into the pool of new achievements, unconventional thinking, and fresh resolve to make this place a better place to live. Change the world. Audere est Facere!

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