It’s been a while since our last blog entry and update to the web. Since then we’ve been working dilligently on our car’s design and the actual construction of the vehicle. As you may have noticed from our press release page, we’ve been keeping up with the publicity by shooting some films with the likes of VPRO TV (Netherlands) and magazine interviews. I’d like to thank my wife for keeping that part of the site updated while I’ve been a bit lax keeping all of our readers appraised of the situation.

As you can see from our pictures, we have a model for our concept vehicle that we continue to improve upon, and we’re making progress on the space frame for the actual race vehicle. We have deviated from our original design of using mainly composites for the body and support structure of the vehicle due to a lack of time and resources for fully testing our new composites which will now be incorporated into the body but not as of yet used as the main structural support member. However we have been able to incorporate all wheel steering into this version of the vehicle and four wheel drive capability, four wheel drive will be added as funding becomes availble (modules are already designed, just not built).

…Just a quick check, everyone likes gull-wing doors right? 😉

I’d also like to introduce two new members of the team (that’s a relative term seeing how long its taken me to update the site…I guess my wife was right, sometimes you do have to put down the welder and get typing): George Kennedy, who you may have noticed a thanks to on our sponsors list. He’s uped the ante and thrown his hat and hard working hands into the mix. Now all we can do is pray for him and dote over his CAD skills. And welcome also Nathan Knappenburger. You can see him wiping his forhead in one of the photos. He’s one of the youngsters of the group: only 33, and until recently the only single guy as well. In fact he and his new girlfriend, Jamie, are out right now celebrating her birthday…29th I think, with dinner and a movie. So Happy Birthday Jamie, and remember to send Nathan back to work on the car when the movies’ over 😉

Oh yeah, what’s Nathan been up to, other than working 70 hour weeks (so no more jokes about state employees being lazy)? He’s also been busy with CAD, frame design and build, electrical component design, and all the other work involved in building a car, not to mention he’s really good at white washing a fence (sorry, inside joke).

Again sorry for the belated update, we’re still alive and kickin!

I’ve writen a note to myself to help remind me to keep everyone updated a little more often…now where’d that piece of paper go……….

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