Farewell To A Friend

Well, I did it. I had to part with a loved one this weekend: my very first motorcycle. It was a 1979 Kawasaki KZ750 that I loved to pieces (literally). In fact, there might still be some pieces in the garage somewhere. After spending over a year modifying it, and with the ever increasing need for additional funds for the IMW project, I decided to sell the bike to help offset the cost of the latest truckload of materials for the XPrize car. That old motorcycle looked bad as hell and ran like a charm, but I simply haven’t had the time to ride it since taking on this project.

Rat Bike, you’ll be missed.

But onward and upward. With the proceeds from the bike sale, I was able to move ahead and pick up the next load of steel. Josh and I spent 16 hours Saturday designing, redesigning, and fabricating new gull-wing doors for the car which required some difficult but worthwhile frame modifications. Originally we had planned for Lamborghini-style doors, but they proved to be unweildy for our design. However, this caused some angst for George, as he had to rework his CAD drawings on the spot to fit the new design.

This morning I ran into some trouble trying to design the last door, so Thomas came out to give me a well-needed hand. We’re now about 3 hours away from having 4 working door frames.

Keep an eye on our photos page. New pics are added as we have time to upload them.

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