Teamwork at Shakedown

Yesterday was day two of rigorous inspections at MIS. All of the teams were working hard to prepare to face this pass/fail portion of the competition. X Prize wants to be sure that all cars are safe and up to the challenge of being on track at June’s Knockout event and are willing to knock out cars at Shakedown if need be.

Our team has been working hard to make sure everything in the long inspection checklist is accounted for. Unforntunately there’s a lot of pressure on Nate, our Electrical wizard, right now. There are a blinding number of wires under Seven’s dash and a battery management system that only he can talk to.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got to MIS, but I am pleasantly surprised at the teamwork here. The raceway garages are packed two cars to a bay. Teams are working side by side other teams, literally and figuratively. It’s more than good sportsmanship; it’s a sense of being in this together. We’ve helped and been helped by other teams. People are sharing tools as well as. some pretty cool stories. Everyone seems to be genuinely interested in the other cars. I have yet to see an unpleasant display of ego.

There’s a lot of pressure but the teamwork and camraderie of the
individuals makes it fun to be here.

Hold a good thought for us. Today is the last day of inspections and we hope to be counted among the teams that pass.

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  1. Good luck.

    How accommodating do you think the judges are going to be? A number of the cars aren’t quite finished and the number of teams in the category you are in is now quite small. This is great for you. A better chance of you guys winning and I would think more chance that the X-Prize people won’t be judging too harshly at this stage.

  2. Thanks Dan!
    Man, mine just went on the fritz and let me tell you, seeing things straight for the first time was a bit disturbing.

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