Name this component

This is an important but unglamorous part of Seven.
Just about anyone can work with it.
We had 4 people wearing it today.

What is it?

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  1. Prizes awarded all around! Except to my mother-in-law who asked “what’s that blue crap you took a photo of?”

  2. Whoever has passed it needs to go see a doctor fast. ;-P

    Have you guys got any idea on the cars specs yet? Do you know how far it goes, how fast, how much it weighs etc? I’m eager to find out. I would imagine you are too.

    You may already know about this, but there’s this cool spreadsheet called PAMVEC (Parametric Analytical Model of Vehicle Energy Consumption) which allows you to calculate how a vehicle will perform. It can be used for petrol vehicles, hybrids and EVs.

    here’s the link to the spreadsheet in case your interested:

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