TW4XP, what a fun little car. Last night we were able to reunite with some of the friends we made through the X-prize. Martin Wolfgang and Bernd invited Illuminati Motor Works to a meeting of electric vehicle enthusiast who were hosting TW4XP in Champaign Illinois. I was treated to a demo ride in TW4XP, and I must say I really liked the car. I felt safe and secure, and found the cab surprisingly quiet, for an open air vehicle. This little car fulfills what we need a car for 99.99% of the time, and it also benefits the community. How can one little car do all that you might ask? One car cannot, but the vision of these stalwart German’s is grander than one car. I will get how a two person runabout benefits the community, but the why needs explaining. Electric cars are great, but they have one drawback, batteries are still a little on the pricy side. So how could you make electric cars more attractive, remove the cost of the most expensive component. Who is going to give you free batteries? Utility companies would give away free batteries. Why would they do such a generous thing; because if enough electric cars like TW4XP which can put electricity back on the power grid, you could decrease the size of your power generating facility? Here is how it works today, a power plant has to be able to supply peak power all the time or be able to bring extra power generating online quickly, because they cannot store energy. So power generation facilities have to be over sized, and when you run an oversized generator at less than 100% you are wasting energy. Power facilities also need to be on all the time requiring them to run off mostly non renewable resources. With vehicle to grid technology you could store energy made from photovoltaic cells, and wind energy in these batteries and when the sun is not shining or the wind isn’t blowing you could use the energy from the batteries to meet power demands. Neat experiment, place a stopwatch in your car and start it when you get in your car and stop it when you get out. At the end of the day how long did you use your car? Most days I use my car 4.2% of the day, so is sits for 95.8% of that day what if my car could be useful for that 95.8% of the time, like stabilizing the power grid? So that is how a little car, with a big idea, could change the world, and benefit everyone.
So what do you we need cars for?
Transport us from place to place when we don’t want to walk.
Carry things for us.
What do we buy them for?
So we look cool,
Because they are fun to drive.
Because they are safe.
Because they are expensive and demonstrate or success
Because they are efficient.
TW4XP is a fun to drive, good looking, safe, little car that demonstrates, you understand achieving success doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Great job guys, and good luck!

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